Ultrasound Guided Injections

Ultrasound guided injections treat a wide variety of conditions including pain from arthritis or tendonitis, stenoisis, bursitis, sciatica, back pain, and muscle pain as well as allowing for fluid removal, and surgical pain management. These injections are visually guided and therefore more targeted than those in the past because exact location of pain points can be found.

Injections typically consist of cortisone, hyaluronic acid (which is a joint lubricant), and local anesthetics. Ultrasound is now used as a way for surgeons to see in real time and pinpoint the exact location where an injection needs to be given. This procedure can be performed in-office and allow for ease and accuracy in the procedure.

Before a patient receives an injection, gel is applied to the skin to act as a medium for the ultrasound probe. When the targeted area is viewed on the ultrasound monitor, an injection is given with a syringe and standard needle and is aimed into the joint or bursa. Fluid may also be removed with this same method. Ultrasound guided injections typically take 15-30 minutes on average.

There may be soreness in the joint or the area of the ultrasound guided injections; however, it may not be sore initially due to local anesthetic used. After that, there may be a period of 2-3 days of soreness.