Chronic Inflammation

Many people suffer from chronic inflammation. Inflammation is a defense mechanism of the body as it tries to heal itself from injury or pathogens. When inflammation becomes long lasting or chronic, however, it can cause other conditions like arthritis and atherosclerosis. Chronic inflammation can last months or years.

Symptoms of chronic inflammation include pain around the inflamed area, especially upon touch or movement. Redness and swelling may result; the area may also feel hot. Range of motion will decrease as inflammation increases. A constant and steady throbbing or pulsating may also be felt. Some causes for this kind of inflammation are physical trauma, high intensity exercise, or a fall.

Patients with chronic inflammation usually see a decrease in inflammation and a reduction of pain with the treatment of ultrasound guided injections. The injections give quick relief from pain and consist of cortisone, which is a steroid anti inflammatory material. These steroids prevent many of the mechanisms that cause inflammation. They relieve nerves that send signals of pain due to inflammation.

Ultrasound guided injections specifically target the inflamed area by delivering the medication to the precise spot with a small needle and local anesthetic. The injection reduces inflammation and by doing so, there is increased range of motion, localized pain relief, and decreased deterioration. There are few side effects from the injections and one injection could last for weeks.