Muscle Tear

A muscle tear may also be referred to as a muscle strain or pull and it means that damage has been done to a muscle or its tendons. This is a soft tissue injury and may affect the muscle, tendon, ligament, and in some cases, the nerve. A muscle tear is when a rupture or strain of the muscle or tendon is caused because of the overworking of the muscle, which can sometimes be acute.

Muscle tears can happen when a person is doing daily activities or heavy lifting as well as from sports activities. These tears can be partial or complete. When a complete muscle tear occurs and the entire muscle is torn or detached from the tendon, there will be severe pain.

There are three levels of tears or strains, each increasing in intensity. In a Grade 1 strain, stress or pain may not be felt until the activity is completed. While there may be some tightness during the activity, pain is not felt until the activity is over. A Grade 2 strain occurs more quickly and may even be immediate. There is pain when the muscle is stretched and it is sensitive to touch. A Grade 3 is the most severe and may be identified by a stabbing pain where the person cannot use the muscle. There may be a lump or bruising where the tear has occurred.

Ultrasound Guided Injections are used to treat muscle tears because they effectively target a precise area and are able to reduce inflammation, which enables a tear to heal.