Hip Replacement Surgery

hip replacement surgery

As we living longer, more active lives, our hip joints wear down. In today’s post, Dr. Jeffrey Sketchler will explain the causes of hip pain, what’s involved in hip replacement surgery, and the prognosis for this surgery.

Understanding Bursitis

Understanding Bursitis

Sometimes, the diagnosis of joint pain is a common, treatable condition which can affect just about anyone–bursitis. In today’s post, we’ll explore bursitis, its symptoms, what it’s sometimes mistaken for, and how to quickly treat it.

Understanding Hip Pain

hip pain

Understanding Hip PainHomeAbout UsBloghip painToday, people are living longer, more active lives. With increased activity, however, comes hip pain from the extra wear and tear on the largest joint in the body. In today’s post, Dr. Jeffrey J. Sketchler explains the anatomy of the hip, the most common causes of hip pain, and the latest treatment options. The anatomy of … Read More