Rotator Cuff Tear

One type of tendonitis that affects many people is a rotator cuff tear. This injury occurs especially in people who play sports frequently. The rotator cuff muscles and tendons are located in the shoulder joint. The four muscles that come together cover the head of the upper arm bone and shoulder. At first, the area will become inflamed and over time, tears in the tendons will occur, causing pain.

A rotator cuff tear can occur from a sudden lifting of the arm against resistance or repetitive movements. While this condition might be the result of a single injury, it is more often caused by repetitive movements and stress to a specific area. Any repetitive movement involving the shoulder will make this area susceptible to injury. Sports like baseball, weightlifting, and tennis are some of the most common sports associated with this condition. Wearing out of the muscles because of aging may also make the rotator cuff susceptible to injury.

Rotator cuff tears can be partial or complete. A partial tear is when the tendon is only damaged or somewhat frayed. A complete tear is one that will pull the tendon from the bone or go completely through the tendon.

Symptoms include a dull ache from deep inside the shoulder, difficulty sleeping on the side where the shoulder hurts, decreased range of motion so that everyday movements like brushing hair becomes difficult. Weakness in the arm may also occur and sometimes a clicking or popping sound may be heard when the arm is moved.