Orthopedic Urgent Care

Orthopedic Urgent Care

Orthopedic Urgent Care

Unfortunately, injuries can be a part of an active lifestyle. It’s not unusual to feel “fine” right after an accident. However when the adrenaline wears off, symptoms from serious injuries can arise. Now what? You can go to the ER and wait for hours or visit an urgent care clinic, only to be told to schedule an appointment with an orthopedist.

Now, there’s a better option: orthopedic urgent care is available at Pontchartrain Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Walk-In Clinic. With our orthopedic walk-in clinic, you can now go straight to the expert who can diagnose that sore shoulder and start treatment immediately.

At Pontchartrain Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, when you visit our Saturday walk-in clinic you can have an orthopedic specialist check out any injuries sustained prior to the weekend.

What is an orthopedic urgent care?

An orthopedic urgent care clinic gives patients immediate access to an orthopedic specialist on Saturdays from 9AM-1PM. You don’t need to make an appointment--you can literally walk in and be seen. While you’re at the orthopedic urgent care, our orthopedic specialists will evaluate and diagnose your condition; they will also suggest a course of treatment for you.

is orthopedic urgent care different than the ER?

Yes. Orthopedic urgent care is different in two key ways from a traditional emergency room. The first is that there won’t be a long wait. Because emergency rooms treat all types of injuries and ailments, patient priority is determined by a triage staff once the patient arrives at the ER. According to a Center for Disease Control study non-urgent patients are given the lowest priority, and could wait as long as two hours or more in a crowded ER. However, at Pontchartrain Orthopedic and Sports Medicine, our top priority are musculoskeletal injuries, which means patients experience a significantly shorter wait time.

The other way an orthopedic walk-in clinic differs is that your region’s leading orthopedic specialists are available to see you when you walk in the door. Instead of seeing an intern or nurse practitioner at an urgent care clinic or emergency room, you can now be seen by an orthopedic specialist.

"A non-urgent patient is the lowest priority and has the longest wait in a hospital emergency room."

see a specialist quickly and without an appointment

Friday night or Saturday morning injuries no longer mean sitting in a crowded ER all day Saturday. At Pontchartrain Orthopedic and Sports Medicine's Walk-In Clinic, you can be seen by an orthopedic specialist quickly and without an appointment. For more information about our Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic, contact us today.

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