Physical Therapy After Back Surgery

physical therapy after back surgery

In today’s post, we’ll discuss physical therapy after back surgery, why it is important for a full recovery, and what to expect when you go.

Physical Therapy for Back Pain

physical therapy for back painHomeAbout UsBlogPhysical TherapyHave you wondered if you can find relief for lower back pain through physical therapy? The answer is yes, you can. Physical therapy is a conservative, nonsurgical approach to help you get stronger and healthier, possibly eliminating your back pain altogether. Physical therapy for back pain is a proven, highly effective first-line treatment. In … Read More

Little league shoulder

little league shoulder

Batter up! While parents watch their kids play, it’s important to be aware of a common, repetitive use shoulder injury. In today’s post, Dr. Joseph L. Finstein, an orthopedic specialist focusing on sports injury management, explains little league shoulder.

Physical Therapy Month

Physical Therapy Month

October is National Physical Therapy Month. In today’s post, we’ll discuss what physical therapy is and how it can benefit someone who has been injured, lost mobility, or is dealing with chronic pain.