multidisciplinary care

Healthcare shouldn’t be one size fits all. In fact, your health and wellness will flourish and improve when you get specialized and individualized attention from multiple healthcare providers. That’s why multidisciplinary care is so important.

Multidisciplinary care refers to the process of receiving care from multiple different doctors. For example, if you’re having stomach issues, you’ll see a primary care provider and a stomach doctor. If you’re having head issues that are affecting your speech, you’ll see a speech pathologist and a head and neck doctor. Regardless of what’s affecting you—whether it be pain or orthopedic injury—you can get the care you need when you have a multidisciplinary team.

Why are Multidisciplinary Care Teams Important?

Doctors are experts in their field, but every doctor has a different methodology and approach to their job. Therefore, it’s crucial to have several sets of eyes on you, when you’re trying to remedy health issues or pain.

When more people are collaborating with you to get to the root of the issue, you’re more likely to receive exceptional and quick care. Certain doctors are trained to provide primary care  appointments, certain doctors are trained to work with bones, and certain doctors are trained to work with the heart. Therefore, when your issues are complex, you need to have specialists on your care team from different subsectors within the healthcare field.

How Does a Multidisciplinary Care Team Help Treat Pain?

Pain is a complicated thing. For example, you might have headaches and neck pain that were caused by a car accident. In this case, you’re going to need several specialists to ameliorate your symptoms. Or, you might be experiencing pain in your feet, ankles, and legs; again, you’re going to want to have a complex care team to figure out the root of the issue and work toward healing.

There have been studies that show that primary care doctors alone are not equipped to handle cases of chronic pain. Although primary care doctors are perfectly acceptable providers to initially consult with, any real progress with your pain management journey is going to be achieved when you visit a specialist.

Chronic pain is incredibly common. In fact, around 11 to 40 percent of adults in the United States live with some sort of pain, daily. Since pain is such a complex issue, and it is difficult to see physical evidence of pain, it takes a doctor with a background in treating chronic pain to help you find relief.

What Can You Expect from Multidisciplinary Care?

When you collaborate with a multidisciplinary care team, you can expect that you’re going to be getting the opinions of and attention from a diverse set of doctors. These doctors will work together to help improve your complex medical symptoms.

Multidisciplinary care can extend beyond healthcare providers who deal with physical injury and pain, too. Dealing with chronic pain can be difficult to deal with psychologically, so for best results, you might find that having a psychologist or a psychiatrist on your care team is beneficial. This way, you can manage the emotional symptoms that come with the physical pain you experience.

All in all, you can expect confidential, high-quality, specialized care when you choose to create a multidisciplinary care team. Each doctor will provide you with a better experience because they’ll be working alongside mutually hardworking providers. With each doctor bringing a different knowledge base to the table, you can be sure that you’ll get the care you need.

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