How Does Radiofrequency Ablation Help with Chronic Back Pain?

radiofrequency ablation for chronic back pain

Radiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to destroy damaged nerves or tissues that send pain signals to the brain. The patient’s pain is reduced by blocking the communication between the nerve and the brain. This treatment can provide patients suffering with chronic pain long-term relief.  Why Is Radiofrequency Ablation Used? This outpatient procedure is commonly … Read More

Minimally Invasive Procedures for Treating Back Pain

minimally invasive procedures for treating back pain

Chronic pain affects millions of Americans each year. Back pain is not only uncomfortable, but it can be debilitating and cause damage to other parts of the body. Living with back pain interferes with the quality of life on a regular basis and can be incredibly limiting.    Back pain can be acute or chronic and there are many factors … Read More