Treating Chronic Pain with Trigger Point Injections

trigger point injections for chronic pain

Muscle pain affects anyone, including powerlifters, construction workers, and pregnant women. Failure to address the issue leads to chronic pain, affecting how one moves. This condition occurs when muscle fibers get stuck in contraction, forming bumps known as trigger points. Massages and chiropractic adjustments can help relieve the pain. However, trigger point injections may be necessary to eliminate chronic muscle … Read More

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain

cognitive behavioral therapy

Living with chronic pain is often associated with a decreased quality of life, and diminished state of mind and can put a lot of stress on one’s mental health. When your body aches, you know the pain is just not “in your head,” and the discomfort is real. Pain becomes your whole world.    Frequently, patients consider conventional ways of … Read More